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Have you ever been in a situation where you're right outside the door of your home or business, but you can't go inside? Probably because you lost your keys, or you forgot to take them with you while stepping outside. In such situations, you might start to think about calling a locksmith, especially if your keys were stolen. You don't want to share your keys with a thief. So you might want to reach out to an experienced residential locksmith that will help you have access to your home again.

At C.K.’s Lockshop & Security Center, we help you in these situations. As experiencedlocksmiths in Boynton Beach and beyond, we are experts in everything related to keys and locks. Our Boynton Beach store's services cover key duplications, replacements, lock changes, and rekeys, and we have hundreds of door hardware and safes to choose from.


Security Camera And Alarm Systems?

For one, asecurity camera system can be a source of protection for your home or business. It can serve as a defensive weapon that keeps a building safe from intruders. At C.K.’s Lockshop & Security Center, we help install digital video recorders with a remote viewing function in Boynton Beach. This means you can always know what is happening in your house or business wherever you are, as the cameras can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. We have helped thousands of homes and businesses, and we are sure you'll love our services. Let's help you with security camera installation today.

We sell alarm systems, install them, and also service your alarm systems as regular maintenance means improved efficiency. We also provide a regular monitoring service.

Alarm Systems are one of the best ways to keep your home safe from intruders, unauthorized access, and other unplanned occurrences. Step up your house protection in Boynton Beach today by contacting us at C.K.'s Lockshop & Security Center forsecurity systems.


Door Hardware And Keys

At our Boynton Beach store, we have numerous door hardware solutions. You can choose to come over to the store as one of our experts will demonstrate what will work best for your door. Alternatively, you can ask one of our mobilelocksmiths in Boynton Beach to come over with some suggestions.

We also provide key services such as key cutting and duplication, generation, and rekeying for all key types and also install a variety of locks and deadbolts. 

Let us know what you need. 



We offer safe sales and services at C.K.'s Lockshop and Security Center. With skilled locksmiths workers and two safe showrooms in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach, we have the answers to any of your safe queries. Check out our most popular safes.


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House protection is never too much. By securing your home, you can be assured that your place is safe even when you're out. As a professionallocksmith in Boynton Beach, let us give your house the proper protection it deserves. Reach out to ourstore in Boynton Beach today!


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