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Alarm Systems

If you are looking for top-notch security for your home, C.K’S has just the solution for you. With the best technology, your home security is guaranteed. We will automate your entire home security system, ensuring you can access it from your phone. 

With C.K. 's security system, you can monitor your home when you are not around and be in charge of all the locks when you sense danger. Say goodbye to worry, and hello to peace of mind knowing that our new and automated alarm system protects your home, family, and property. 

No more worrying about burglars because you can turn on the alarm as soon as you feel unsafe, alerting local authorities.

Commercial Security Locks

If you want to reinforce security in your business place, C.K.’s is your go-to for the best security locks and systems. With our tried and tested security system, you can forget having to break or pick locks after a co-worker loses the key. As long as you have your phone, you will be okay. 

With just a touch on your phone, you can access the security system, controlling all your commercial locks, even from your home. 

Thanks to our security systems, you can also monitor what is happening at your workplace, transactions, calls, and access from anywhere in the world. 

Keep your business, property, and employees safe with C.K’s security systems. 

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Surveillance And Security Cameras

You don’t have to be home, or at your business place to know what is going on there; with C.K. surveillance cameras, you can stay informed about everything going on no matter where you are.

You can operate the systems from your phone. Our security camera systems give you the freedom to travel and still keep tabs on everything whenever you want to. You can also operate the system to choose the specific rooms or angles you want to focus on from your phone. 

Decorative Door Hardware

The door is the first place people see when they visit your home, even before they get in. C.K.’s locksmiths allow you the opportunity to show your style even to people outside your home. 

We will enable you to choose door hardware to decorate your door, to put a taste of your style on it. 

Our showrooms have hundreds of decorative door pieces to choose from. We also offer recommendations about which door decorations go well with your door's color, design, and material. 

You can never go wrong with C.K. 's because we also offer the convenience of coming to you to ensure what you choose looks elegant and beautiful. Call us for elegant door decorative hardware for your home.

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Key Cutting And Rekeying

Losing your set of home or work keys no longer means that you have to have the whole door lock set in your home or business. Stay safe with C.K.’s and make copies of your keys as soon as you have new locks in your home or business place. 

We also rekey your locks in record time; you won’t even notice you were locked out. Call us to rekey your locks anytime you feel unsafe. We care about your safety. 

We offer you options for your locks and keys. You can choose what you like depending on your budget and preference.

High-Security Locks

We repair your locks and install utterly new technology locks that are copy-proof. 

Our Medeco security locks ensure that only authorized persons can access your home or your business place. You don’t have to worry about stalkers or burglars accessing your home.

 You can be assured that even when you are not home, your family will stay safe as no unauthorized person can unlock your locks. 

Find A C.K.’s Lockshop & Security Center Locksmith Anywhere You Are

You can find us anywhere you are. Just search for a locksmith near me, and you will be directed to one of our 7 locksmiths. Reach out to us for any security concerns you have. 

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