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We have 80 safes in our Boynton Beach showroom and 50+ in Delray Beach. 

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C.K.’s Lockshop and Security Center provides safe sales and service to the Palm Beach and Broward counties in south Florida. We have two safe showrooms in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach. At either of our safe showrooms, you'll find safes from Liberty, Gardall, Hayman, Amsec, and more. We are the largest safe showroom in Palm Beach County with knowledgeable locksmiths on staff available to answer all of your safe questions. We also open and service your existing safes.

The most popular safes we sell are:

  • Gun safes
  • Fire proof safes
  • Money, jewelry, and document safes
  • Liberty, Gardall, Hayman, Amsec and more
  • Small, medium, and large sizes available
  • Optionally, control and manage your safe lock right from your smartphone – even open the lock remotely.
  • 40-80 safes in showrooms & with next day delivery!

Click below to view the different Liberty safes models we offer:

Here's our availability estimate in our 2 Palm Beach Country showrooms:

Call us at 561-732-9418, and we can check all of shops for the safe you're looking for!

How We Protect Safes Before Delivery

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Why Our Customers Prefer Liberty Safes

Liberty is our number one carried safe brand. With a lifetime warranty, here are the reasons customers use Liberty:

  • Protecting against crime / burglaries
  • Securing firearms
  • Fire protection
  • Affordability
  • Made in the USA
  • Showroom and the help provided by our customer service (561-732-9418)

Here's Proof of Liberty Safes' Strength & Durability in 3 Tests

Half-Ton Cement Block Dropped on Liberty Safe From 100 Feet (And It Still Works)

Liberty Gun Safe Vs Dynamite Test

Liberty Safe: Head to Head Explosion Test


Liberty Gun Safes West Palm Beach

Are you a gun owner? Do you want it to be safe while you are at home or in your office? C.K's Lockshop & Security Center at West Palm Beach is here for you. We provide gun safes at affordable pricing. Our safes have different features, and they are also of various types. We have safes that nobody else has. We also offer services like security camera installation, alarms, key locks, and door hardware, ensuring that your safety comes first. We are a licensed company by the business bureau in Palm Beach, and our team is also well-skilled in providing that you buy the right safe for your home or office. Our gun safes are the most durable and reliable on the market because of their construction from high-quality materials. No matter your environment, your guns will be well-protected in a Liberty Gun Safe. Get in touch with us today, learn more about gun safes, and get in touch with our mostreliable locksmith, Delray beach.

What do we offer?

Our products are both in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach, and our safes come in different types. They include

  •   Large safes-With this safe, they have re-lockers, and ourlocksmith at Boynton Beach will make sure that your safe has full lockers. We have a contract with them, and they make sure the large safes are well regarding the lockers' safety. Large safes come in different types and at different prices. For example, 30 Minute gun protection safes come with Up to 24 Long Gun Capacity Starting at $549.
  •   Small safes-In this safe comes with greater flexibility, and their prices are slightly high because they are easily portable. For example, Article 24 | 30 Minute Fire Protection Black Electronic Lock costs $1,399.00
  •   Compact vaults-This type of safe is grouped from HD 50 to HD 300. They also have different prices. The higher the HD, the higher the prices. For example, HD-300 Quick Vault costs $224.99
  •   Vault doors -With vault doors, they have an elegant look that fits any décor. For example, Vault Door Series costs $9,499.00 and comes in white, black, and champagne colors. There are also plenty in stock.

What Are the Benefits of Gun Safes?

All Liberty safes are made of steel, and they are beneficial in that;

  • It guarantees customer satisfaction and safety.
  • It makes a place attractive because it comes in different colors that suit your home or office décor.
  • WithDelray locksmiths, they ensure that the lockers they place on the safe cannot be altered.

Contact us at West Palm Beach today @tel:+1-561-513-4756 and get a reliable locksmith in Delray Beach at your service. They are up to your standards, and we always do what our customers want and will keep your gun safe.