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Key Cutting, Duplicating, Generation, and Rekeying (Change locks) in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County locksmiths with 3 stores or call us to visit your location 24/7 at 561-732-9418.

We offer key cutting/duplicating, generation (making a new key from an old lock), and rekeying (changing locks) for many types of keys:

  • Residential Keys
  • Commercial Keys
  • High Security keys
  • Specialized Keys
  • Deadbolt Keys
  • Automotive Keys (key cutting & generation only; in store only)
  • Automotive Transponder Keys (key cutting & generation only; in store only)
  • Safe Keys (key cutting & generation only)

We can cut keys at any of our retail stores (shown below) or on site at your location with our 24/7 mobile fleet of locksmiths.

For rekeying (changing locks), this is the most inexpensive solution if you've lost a key or if someone has a copy of your key (and you don't want that person accessing your home or business).

  • Get your locks changed quick. Once onsite, it typically takes a half hour or less to rekey one lock. Each additional lock rekeyed would take about 15 minutes.
  • It's much cheaper then buying new door hardware.
  • Get scheduled for the same day in most situations.

Rekeying works by changing the internal pins in a lock cylinder instead of replacing the entire lock so your door hardware remains undamaged. Call us 24/7 at 561-732-9418 to get your locks changed.