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Have you ever been out and about and suddenly realized your keys were gone? This is not a good feeling. 

The dread that rushes over you can be exhausting. Not only will you lose precious time looking for your keys, but now you must worry about where your keys could be or who could access them. 

Anyone with your key can easily duplicate them at a locksmith shop, exposing you to security risks.

For this reason, professional locksmiths recommendpatented key control. Its revolutionary locks provide world-class protection from theft or loss of keys, eliminating the panic associated with misplacing your keys.

AtC.K.’s Lockshop & Security Center, we understand your security needs are unique and ever-evolving. As advancements in technology arise, so does the potential for criminals to access your property without permission or an unauthorized key.

As the bestBoynton Beach security and locksmith company, security begins with a lock. Without adequate protection, you open yourself up to costly damage and lost time due to unauthorized entry into buildings or vehicles. 


Patented Key Control

Patented key control offers extra protection against unauthorized key duplication. In fact, with a patented key, only authorized individuals whose signatures are on file with alocksmith in Boynton Beach or a manufacturer can order duplicate keys. 

We can give many examples of what happens when keys fall into the wrong hands. Furthermore, duplicating keys without authorization or keys leaving the facility is often the cause of security lapses.


Patented Key: Protection Against Unauthorized Duplication

One of the greatest threats to the safety of any business is the unauthorized duplication of keys – something that has been around since locks were first invented centuries ago! With modern computerized key-cutting machines and code-cutting capabilities, it has become easier for criminals to replicate keys on a massive scale.

This includes those used to access secure areas such as a building's front door or an office's filing cabinets. The ability to do this means that even if a single key is duplicated, many copies could be quickly made - leaving you vulnerable and exposed. 

A goodlocksmith in South Florida can help ensure this does not happen. Reach out to C.K.’s Lockshop & Security Center. We shall help you out.


Patented Key Control: Duplication by Certified Locksmiths

It is essential for all businesses – from small mom-and-pop stores to large corporate offices - to take extra precautions regarding their locks and security systems.

This includes restricted keyways, which limit duplication only by certifiedlocksmiths in Delray Beach. 

These locksmiths adhere strictly to stringent protocols set by industry standards organizations like the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) or Medeco Security Centers.

Authorized dealers like C.K.'s Lockshop & Security Centerpatented key control is designed so your key cannot be easily copied, reducing the risk of unauthorized duplication.

In addition, it is more sustainable than traditional 'non-restricted' keysets; thus providing extra peace of mind knowing your property won't be readily compromised through illegal replication.


Other Security measures

Other than patented key control, talking to alocksmith in Boynton Beach could provide enhanced security measures, such as high-security cylinders to further protect against copying attempts.

The high-security cylinders have exclusive design features that prevent lock picking or other bypassing techniques from being successful – even using specialized tools such as saws or grinders on these reinforced locks will not prove successful either!  

Furthermore, these cylinders also feature patented “key control” applications that render them virtually worthless should they fall into the wrong hands due to their inability to operate.


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