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Here Are 7 Great Ways To Secure Your Home This Summer

Keeping your home secure is important for the protection of your family and your valuables, as well as your overall peace of mind. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida had 71,801 burglary offenses reported in 2018. For residential burglaries, it might be alarming to learn that twice as many happened during the day when people were not home, as opposed to at night when they were home. It is estimated that on average a burglary happens once every 30 seconds. With the world recovering from the pandemic and with people going back to work leaving their houses unattended during the day, it is especially important to make sure that your home is protected from potential burglars. At C.K.’s Lockshop & Security Center, we are here to help you protect your home and valuables. Here are seven things that you can do to secure your home this summer.


1. High Security Locks

Simply locking your doors is a good start in protecting against robbers, but it is not enough. Investing in high security locks can give you the edge, adding another layer of protection for your home. C.K’s recommends Medeco High Security Locks, which are the highest quality locks you can get for your home. Keys for Medeco locks can only be copied at one of our C.K.’s Lockshop store locations where only authorized persons can have copies made.

medeco high security lock

Even if you haven’t invested in high security locks, yet, it is also important to remember to change the locks on your home when necessary. If someone has a copy of your key that shouldn’t, or if you suspect someone might be trying to make one, change your locks to prevent them from getting in.


2. Alarms

Having locks is a great first line of defense, but having a dynamic alarm system is an effective way to double down on potential home intruders. There are options for every budget, including plenty of DIY systems that you can set up. C.K.’s recommends the Honeywell’s LYNX Touch and Total Connect System. Not only can you control your security system and door locks, but even your lighting, thermostat, and more. Take total control of your home, even when you’re not there.


3. Secure Your WiFi

Making sure that your security device is connected to a secure WiFi network is very important, so hackers can’t potentially just hack your device and turn it off. When setting your device up, make sure that you choose your own username so you can make it unique, and when you create a password make it something difficult that a hacker couldn’t guess, such as your name or address.

Two-factor authentication is another crucial element to setting up your device securely online. Not only will this alert you when there is activity on your device, but it will require your phone to receive a specific code in order to login even after the password has been entered properly.


4. Security Cameras and Lights

With high quality locks, alarms, and a security system setup properly on WiFi, you are in much better shape security-wise. Nevertheless, someone could still break-in through a window or find another way around your security efforts. Having good outdoor lighting and security cameras is a great way to reinforce all of those other measures. C.K.’s offers surveillance camera surveys for home, allowing us to determine the most effective way about setting up security cameras. A live video can help you monitor your home when you’re not there, and it can help the police with their investigation of any potential robbery at your home or business.


5. Safes

Safes are an incredibly wise investment. Not only can they securely store your valuables and keep them hidden away, but they can store your firearms as well. Gun safes are required for firearm owners, so not only do they secure your guns from thieves and help keep those in your household safer, but they help you to abide by the law. Safes can be as large as a vaulted room or as small as a compact vault that fits in a drawer, and what’s great is that they can be bolted to the floor of your home so an intruder can’t simply pick it up and walk away with it. C.K.’s offers two large safe showrooms, serving both Palm Beach County and Broward County in Florida.

liberty home safes

6. Backup Power & Deadbolt Locks

In case of a power outage or storm, you should consider investing in a backup power system such as a generator so that your security system doesn’t go down. Electronic gates will be turned off, as well as security systems during a power outage. You can add deadbolt locks to your doors as an extra level of security. Even if the power goes out, deadbolt locks will continue to do what they’re designed to do.


7. Smart Security When You’re Away

Smart security is the last step to take for securing your home. C.K.’s is a trusted retailer and installer of Yale Assure Smart Locks, which connect to an app on your smartphone and allow you to control your lock from anywhere, and can both lock and unlock your door.


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