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How to Properly Store a Firearm in a Safe

Firearms are more than just a tool used for protection, they are an investment. It is important to protect that investment, as well as the people in your home. Proper storage is an important factor in keeping your firearm safe and secure, as well as keeping it in good condition. Every day, people just like you come into our showrooms to get a look at some of the high qualityLiberty Safes that we showcase, and since mostLiberty Safe owners only ever have to purchase one safe in their lifetime, that means that most of these new safe customers are first-time shoppers.

Much like getting the firearm itself, getting a safe for your home is a big investment, and it’s not a decision that can be made on a whim, so it’s important that you have all the answers you need and feel fully informed before you take the next step. We want to go over the Florida laws of gun storage, the benefits of storing guns in safes, and what the different types of gun safes are. The more knowledge you have about gun storage as a gun owner, the better off you will be.

What is the Florida Law on Firearm Storage?

Section 790.174 of Florida Statutes requires that a person who keeps a firearm in the home must secure it with a trigger lock or keep it in a securely locked box or container, if they know that a minor is likely to gain access to that firearm without permission. The only exception is if you have this firearm on your body. Failure to do this from a legal standpoint is a violation of the law and is a misdemeanor, but from a safety standpoint could end in the tragedy of a minor.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recommends that you never keep a loaded firearm in the home, that you add a trigger lock in addition to storing it locked in a safe, locking the firearm itself in a different location than the ammo, to never point the firearm at any person even if you believe it is unloaded, and lastly they recommend that you educate everyone in your home about firearm safety. Following their safety tips is the best way to ensure that you are in compliance with Florida law, and more importantly the best way to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.

The Benefits of Storing Firearms in Safes

If you are currently the owner of a firearm or plan to purchase one soon, it is best practice topurchase a safe to store your firearms in. Not only will this help you comply with Florida law as discussed above, but you will be protecting your investment as well as those in your home. Keeping your firearm locked away in a safe can prevent the firearm from being damaged by the elements, it can prevent it from being stolen during a burglary, and it can prevent it from becoming a safety hazard to those in your home. You should alsoread through our checklist of the 5 questions you should ask before getting your first home safe, which will help you choose the right one. 

Damage Protection for Your Firearm

The standard for most safe companies for fire protection is 30 minutes to more than two hours of constant fire protection for premium models. Consider what fire protection features you currently have in your space that might factor into this decision as well - having sprinklers installed or living near a local fire station may make fire protection less of a priority than it would be if neither of those elements were available. Beyond just fires, consider the amount of moisture that might be in the room to keep your guns safe from the elements.

Theft Protection for Your Firearm

theft protection

Most often when it comes to burglaries, safes that aren’t opened on-site are stolen outright from their spot and opened elsewhere. High-end safe manufacturers will typically combat this by either using a heavier reinforced steel body that’s extremely difficult to move, or by physically bolting the safe to the floor or wall. With the right safe, your firearms and valuables will be protected.

Safety Protection for Your Firearm

The truth of the matter is that firearms can be dangerous if handled improperly or by people not trained to use them. The best way to prevent this from happening, is by making sure that your firearms are out of the reach of guests or the members of your household, particularly children. If your firearms are stored properly in a safe, this prevents any potential accidents from happening and keeps everyone under your roof safe.

What are the Different Types of Firearm Safes?

The size and number of weapons and firearms you need to store will factor into the size and type of safe you’ll need. Something to keep in mind is to err on the side of going a little bigger than you think you’ll need — one of the most commonly reported comments of gun safe buyers is that they wish they’d bought a larger size. The four types of safes that we offer are compact vault’s (that can fit in a drawer), small safes, large safes, and vault doors. Whether you have a single handgun or an entire panic room, we have the safes you need.Shop our safes to find the one for you!

Compact Vaults

Safely secure your valuables or handgun with a small compact vault. These can be accessed with biometrics, quick combinations, or keys, and can be stored in small spaces like drawers or shelves.

Small Safes

small safes

Gun capacity may vary depending upon size of guns and scopes. When space is at a premium, a smaller home safe can be the smartest option, particularly if you only have smaller guns to store.

Large Safes

large safes

Again, gun capacity may vary depending upon size of guns and scopes, but these are designed for storing long guns and often have a side with shelving as well for additionally storing smaller items.

Vault Doors

The Vault Door combines style with superior theft and fire protection for an elegant look that fits any décor. These are perfect for a panic room or an entire room full of items you want to secure.

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