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If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having broken a key in your lock, don't panic! It's a common enough problem that locksmiths like those atCK's Lockshop & Security Center are used to dealing with.

The most important thing to do if youbreak a key in your lock is to get in touch with a locksmith as soon as possible. They will be able to remove the broken key from the lock and assess if any damage needs to be fixed before replacing it with a new one.

Call CK’s Lockshop to service your location! We have seven mobile locksmiths that do home and business lockout services, key replacement, lock changes, rekey, door hardware, alarm systems, security cameras, and safe installs and servicing.

At ourBoynton Beach and Delray Beach stores: we do key replacements, provide key duplication, have plenty of door hardware options, and showcase about 100 safes. 

Our stores also do automotive key extraction and new vehicle keys. Call below, text CK's at (561) 513-4756, or visit our lock shop or safe showroom.


We are Reliable 

It's important to remember that locks are designed to secure your home or business, so you must hire a reliable and experienced locksmith. OurBoynton Beach Locksmiths andDelray Beach Locksmiths are well-known for being experienced with many years in the locksmith industry.

In addition to being able to replace locks, we also offer various other services, such as key duplications, lock installations, and home security system installations.

If you ever experience a broken lock key, trust us to get the job done quickly and safely. With our reliable services and many years of experience, you can rest assured that your locks will be repaired and secured in no time. 

Contact ourBoynton Beach Locksmith if you are ever in a broken key situation.


We Offer Quality Services

With locks being an integral part of home security, you must trust only the best locksmiths offering the highest quality services in the area. 

At CK's Lockshop & Security Center, we are well known for our reliability and high-quality locksmith services. Moreover, all our locksmiths are highly trained, experienced professionals who can provide you with fast, efficient services at all times. 

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having broken a key in your locks, don't hesitate to callBoynton Beach locksmith andDelray Beach locksmith for fast, reliable service. You can trust us to get the job done quickly and effectively to give you peace of mind knowing that your locks are secure.


We offer Various Home Security Options

For locksmith services, you can trust and choose ourDelray Beach locksmiths! We offer various home security options other than replacing a broken key. Here’s a look at what we have on offer:

  • Alarms
  • Locks
  • Keys
  • Door Hardware
  • Security Cameras
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Final Thoughts

    Locks are essential for protecting your home or business, and you must hire an experienced and reliable locksmith to ensure you are safe 

    CK's Lockshop & Security Center is the trusted expert in locksmith services. With our many years of experience and knowledge, we can provide reliable locksmith services such as key duplication, lock installation, and home security system installations.

    So don't hesitate tocontact us if you need locksmith services! We are committed to providing quality services. 

    Happy locksmithing! :)