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There are a large number of types and features of safes. And this could be a barrier that makes it difficult for you tochoose the right safe. However, it is not impossible to select an ideal safe, whether you want a large safe or a small safe. By carefully paying attention to the following important aspects, you will be able to select the perfect safe. And with the right safe, you're sure your valuables are housed in a protected area.

Take your time to study these points and seehow to choose the right Safe


1. Size And Capacity 

One important thing that should come first is the size and capacity. Before investing in a safe, consider the items you want to secure. Measuring the largest of the items is the best way to do this. A space with about 25% more space is recommended. Remember that the safe's inner and outside measurements vary widely. With the additional 25%, you'll be making up for these. The extra space also provides room for anything you might have overlooked or something you might want to include later. For some people, 50% additional space works best. CK's Lockshop & Security Center is a professionallocksmith in Boynton beach, and we have a safe store in Boynton beach where you can choose your preferred type of safe.

2. Degree Of Protection

When considering the degree of protection, the valuables that will be going inside the safe spin up as a determinant. Safes are designed to be fire resistant, waterproof, or very strong to break; each is designed to fit specific requirements. While items like important paper documents can be kept in a fireproof and water-resistant safe, valuables like jewelry, gold, and coins could go into a burglary-resistant safe. We are areliable locksmith in Delray beach, and we assure you of the best safe that suits your needs.

3. The Cost

If you have a budget, then you want to pay attention to the price of each safe you evaluate. Usually, a safe can cost more depending on the size and type. But you can still work with a budget and buy an ideal safe. Consider what you want to secure and choose what will work best. Be careful not to buy the wrong safe because of a good bargain. Think of your safety as an investment, and choose wisely.

4. The Placement 

Remember to think about where you want to place your safe. Consider the room you have for it and how it will get there. Compare the width and height of your doors and the safe's dimensions. If you have to transport the safe through the stairs, the stairs should be able to accommodate this weight. So don't miss out on these aspects. We have the largest showroom in Palm Beach, full of safes from Liberty, Hayman, Gardall, and more. We also provide a home security system in Boynton beach.


Get Your Ideal Safe!

Choosing the perfect safe isn't as tasking as you may have thought. Now you knowhow to choose the right safe.

At CK's Lockshop & Security Center, we have 80 safes in our Boynton Beach showroom and over 50 in Delray beach. We want you to have the perfect safe to keep your assets. Check out the most popular safes we sell.Contact us to schedule maintenance or make an inquiry.